Author: Mikael Lindlöf

MSS Roaming

In Mobile Signature Service (MSS), messages are routed between Mobile Signature Service Providers (MSSPs). Interconnected MSSPs are called a Mesh. The point of interconnecting MSSPs is that Application Providers (APs) can reach any Mobile User that’s connected to any of the

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Article about the Finnish MSS by Dr. Esa Kerttula

This summer Dr. Esa Kerttula published an article about the Finnish MSS called “A novel federated strong mobile signature service—The Finnish case“. Esa has studied Finnish national solution for using strong authentication for public services. In his article, Esa “describes the legal

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MobileID Token

SIM card is provided as a part of mobile subscriptions. Therefore, almost everyone has a secure device (SIM card) that’s always available (unless your battery runs out). That’s the strength of MobileID. It exploits the good old mobile communication system for strong authentication. A system

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SIM Card Applet Simulation

UICC card, called more familiarly a SIM card, contains a set of applications. These applications are managed by a mobile network operator and are installed during card manufacturing. The main benefits of UICC applets compared to phone apps are their security (phone

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Application Provider Explained

Application Provider (AP) is a broad term so I’ll start with a simple example. In the example I have a web site where I will authenticate users during login. The most common way to authenticate users would be using usernames/password credentials. In this system I would store

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Monitoring an MSSP System

An MSSP system includes MSSP servers and databases and connections to external components (such as OTA servers). Administrators need to see what’s going on in the system. Monitoring is used to view system state and state history: Component states (on/off). System performance. Anomalies in the system.

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New blog

Methics has a blog.

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