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Kiuru 5 Released

Methics releases version 5.0 of the Kiuru™ product family.

The key new features of Kiuru™ 5.0 products are:

  • Java 7 platform with Java Security Policy
  • Servlet 3.0 platform
    • Multiple Kiuru™ products can be deployed into the same server instance.
  • Third party libraries updated
    • Especially cryptography libraries for ECC support.
  • Geographical redundancy support
    • Keeps a secondary site synchronized for seamless and automatic traffic rerouting.
  • Automatic system-wide metadata publish & import
  • WPKI profile support
  • RFC 5280 compliant Kiuru Validator 5.0 with conformance specification
  • OCSP support in Kiuru Validator 5.0
  • CAdES-BES support for signatures

New products in the Kiuru™ product family:

Kiuru MSSP is based on Mobile Signature Service Provider concept defined in the ETSI M-COMM track specifications. In addition to this, the certificate/signature verification component of the product strictly follows IETF PKIX validation standards (IETF RFC 5280). Kiuru MSSP is an industrial standard component.

Kiuru MSSP supports the following roles defined in the ETSI TS 102 207 roaming model:

More information can be found from the Kiuru™ product pages.