AlaudaTool is an Alauda applet Functional Acceptance Test tool for mobile network operators and Mobile ID system integrators. The main purpose for the tool is to verify that the Alauda applet has been loaded & installed properly on the SIM card and the applet works as

AlaudaTool is a Java software running on a workstation (Windows or Linux). It communicates with the SIM card using a smart card reader attached to the workstation. AlaudaTool communicates with the applet on the card

  1. by using SCP80 protocol and formatted SMS channel. Therefore, the applet requires corresponding key material and counters, and
  2. by emulating mobile phone and its card interactions and input/output methods.

AlaudaTool executes around 200 functional tests and produces a detailed test report which can be used for detecting and resolving problems with the applet or the card.

For more details, see AlaudaTool fact sheet.