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Kiuru REST

Kiuru REST is a server that helps Application Providers interface with AE MSSPs. The SOAP messaging protocol normally used by AE MSSPs can be complex for Application Providers to use. For that reason, Kiuru REST provides a simplified JSON API

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Laverca is an open source Java MSSAPI implementation for: Requesting Signatures (synchronous and asynchronous-client-server modes) Requesting Status information on Signature requests Requesting Receipt messages on successful Signature requests The project is mainly aimed at FiCom users but contains examples for

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Kiuru MSSAPI is a Java integration tool for calling MSS, SAML2, SPML2 and DSS services at Kiuru MSSP systems. This tool library uses MSSP Metadata to find MSS etc. service URLs, and to check that server’s SSL certificate is expected

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