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Kiuru AE (Acquiring Entity) MSSP is a server that links the Application Provider’s service to the Mobile User’s HomeMSSP. Kiuru AE MSSP offers a unified interface for Application Providers to integrate Mobile Signature Services into their service. The AE MSSP …

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Kiuru HomeMSSP

Kiuru HomeMSSP is a server that provides mobile signature service functionality for mobile operators. It is used to establish an open, standard based and secure channel between end users and the AE/Mesh. Kiuru HomeMSSP receives signature requests from the AE/Mesh, …

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Solution Examples

Standard Example The standard example solution presents the default components of a Kiuru MSSP system. Kiuru RADIUS server can be used to enable access to the company VPN using mobile signatures. Application providers connect to the Acquiring Entity using ETSI …

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MSSP Metadata

A mobile signature service needs agreements between mobile signature system entities. These entities must share system identifiers, SOAP bindings, services, certificates, and so on. An MSSP metadata specification is useful for describing this information in a commonly understandable way. An …

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