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Kiuru WPKI Simulator

Kiuru WPKI Simulator is used to simulate external systems that the MSSP depends on. The simulator can be used to test a complete MSSP system functionality by simulating OTA and mobile users. The simulator helps with testing the functionality of …

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Alauda OTA

Kiuru HomeMSSP comes with the integrated Alauda OTA (Over the Air) server. An OTA server is used to communicate with a SIM/UICC card without being physically connected to the card. Alauda OTA server segments the request received from the Mobile User’s …

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Kiuru AMS Server

The Kiuru AMS server is a clustered WPKI communication service to support Alauda WPKI Client, and it is a resident service at Kiuru HomeMSSP server. The Kiuru AMS Server provides unified messaging API for the HomeMSSP when talking to Alauda …

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