Why Kiuru MSSP?

Mature platform

Kiuru MSSP platform has been used since 2003. It has undergone five major releases, so the current product is ready for various Mobile Signature Service solutions.

Broad technical capabilities

Kiuru MSSP can be integrated in a wide variety of Mobile Signature Service technologies. Kiuru MSSP meets the Mobile Signature Service’s needs, not the other way around. Kiuru MSSP can provide both Mobile ID and MobileConnect services.

High performance and stability

Mobile Signature Services need to be reliably available through sudden traffic bursts as well as unexpected malfunctions. Kiuru MSSP can be scaled to ensure that a Mobile Signature Service meets the expected traffic load and maintains a high level of service availability.


Kiuru MSSP conforms to the established standards of Mobile Signature Services. The MSSP uses well-known software technologies, which makes the integration, management and customization of the service simple.

Complete product offering

Methics’s Mobile Signature Service offering contains all parts required for the integration of applications, mobile users, security and wireless networks. Methics’s product offering can be completed with Alauda OTA and Alauda M2 applet, or with third party wireless products (e.g. Safran Morpho’s Simperia or Giesecke & Devrient’s WIB).

No vendor locking

All Kiuru MSSP product interfaces are open and well documented. Kiuru MSSP can be integrated with any other standard-based MSSP products. Additionally, Alauda M2 is the only WPKI Client Applet on the market whose source code is available for licensing. Alauda M2’s assurance level can be evaluated by a preferred third party. Any modifications to the applet can be done by a preferred third party as well.