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Alauda Wallet by Methics is now EBSI conformant

Methics has been actively following the ongoing developments in the world of Identity, Signatures and Authentication related to eIDAS2, EUDI Wallet and SSI based digital identity.

Since the call for Digital Europe program, Methics has been looking into functionalities and needs of the European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDIW). Today, Alauda Wallet is built in conformance with European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) for the support of cross-border public services, an initiative created by the European Commission. Alauda Wallet is the 14th conformant wallet.

eIDAS 2 laid out scope, requirements, potential building blocks, roles and actors involved in ecosystem for the EUDIW app. However, information on technical architecture & reference framework, common standards, technical specifications are not yet released. There are two major design considerations:

  1. How SSIs are implemented, either EBSI Verifiable Credentials or decentralized X.059 certificates
  2. Which type of signature creation device (QSCD) to choose

Alauda Wallet solves the first problem, if European Commission decides to use W3C defined Verifiable Credentials (VCs), they can be used to receive and store digital credentials in the digital wallet.

Methics is now conformant with all three EBSI scenarios that are:
1. User On-boarding
2. Verifiable Credential Issuance
3. Verifiable Credential Verify

Alauda Wallet conformance report can be read from EBSI Conformant Wallets page. Methics successfully passed 12 EBSI tests.

There are many possible directions regarding the technological design of the EUDI Wallet App. However, at this point, the final choice is still unclear. Methics has also listed a detailed article on which QSCDs to be used with EUDIW App.

Methics is positioned to support the key stakeholders responsible for making the EUDIW a reality. As a global leader of open standard Mobile ID and Signature services, our products are delivering tech for strong authentication. Methics will offer a bridge between traditional PKI and W3C decentralized identity projects to provide identity and signing services. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to discuss the presented model and how QSCD can be provided from EUDI Wallet to European residents.