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Methics has supplied several national identity management systems for mobile devices, SIM cards, eSIM devices as well as smartphone apps. Methics is currently delivering several national identification solutions with eIDAS compatibility. This page covers documentation resources about Methics products. More details about Methics products can be found here.

Methics Solution Presentation

Fact sheets for Kiuru product family

Fact sheets for Alauda product family

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Presentations and White Papers

The Kiuru JAAS module for Shibboleth 2.0 Whitepaper This paper presents a set of tools for integrating ETSI M-COMM standard based mobile signature service provider (MSSP) with a Shibboleth 2 IDP. The tools give you an ability to use MobileTwoFactorContract authentication context without having to write any code of your own. MSSP Metadata Whitepaper The MSSP metadata defines an XML file that contains mobile signature system entities and the security and communication parameters between these entities. By publishing MSSP metadata MSSPs not only extend the Mesh security but also make it easier to manage. The MSSP metadata replaces ETSI TS 102 204 standard MSS HandshakeService method in a secure way. Mobile Signature Service Provider study The key problem of becoming a Mobile Signature Service Provider (MSSP) is not the technical implementation. The real hurdles to tackle are the challenges related to the business model, the subscriber certification process, and transaction roaming. methics MSSP White Paper explains why. Helsingin Yliopisto MSS esitys IT2008 (in Finnish) Mobiilivarmenteen käyttö Helsingin yliopistossa, esityskalvot korkeakoulujen IT2008 päiviltä. European e-Identity Conference presentation 2008-June-11 CEO Jarmo Miettinen gave a presentation on Mobile Identity Service Integration with Identity Provider at the European e-Identity Conference.The conference was co-organised by eema, ENISA, ECP.NL and the Municipality of The Hague.Presentation: presentation_miettinen_enisa.pdf