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Methics moved office

Methics moved on 2nd of May 2019. The address for the new office is: Methics Oy Lars Sonckin Kaari 14 02600 Espoo

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Laverca 2.1.0 Released

The open source MSS library Laverca has been updated for extended support of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES). The new release contains support for the mobile signature service profile query extension usage. Now the AP application can query end user certificates

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We experienced some downtime on the office internet connection yesterday and today morning. We are now back!

Laverca Adds Partial Support for XAdES Signatures

XAdES is an XML Signature extension that allows the use of Advanced Electronic Signatures. Laverca 2.0.1 adds a partial support to XAdES in a form of an example using the Esig DSS library. You can find the latest Laverca release

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Methics to Launch Mobile ID Standard Solution at Mobile World Congress

Methics will, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, launch the Mobile ID Standard solution, a ready-made, complete and easy-to-deploy solution for Mobile Signature Services. MIDS combines Methics’ robust Kiuru MSSP platform with the well proven Alauda P38

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MSSP Performance Testing (2/2)

This blog post is follow up for our MSSP Performance Testing post earlier this year.  Test Results – First Round The first tests we run were focused on the number of CPU cores. Does limiting the core count reduce performance

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Global Telecommunications Study: Navigating the Road to 2020

The 2015 Global Telecommunications Study has been conducted by EY. It gives a first hand industry perspective to the telco market. “The telco of 2020 cannot be a bad copy of the telco of 2015.” The report collects the outputs

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MSSP Performance Testing (1/2)

We recently bought a new Proliant server for running performance tests and now we can dedicate one server for testing only. The problem was defining and setting up an optimal test environment on said server. Our requirements for the test

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Methics has moved

We moved office from Kaisaniemi, Helsinki to Tapiola, Espoo last week. The moving was hectic but the dust is finally settling down. Instead of city roofs, we now see leaves: Our new address is: Methics Oy Kimmeltie 1 (1st floor)

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OpenID Connect Authentication using MSS

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is a popular authentication layer. An OIDC client trusts OIDC servers to do user authentication in its behalf. OIDC servers can authenticate users, for example, with the following methods: username/password credentials, dongles, biometrics. In username/password method the OIDC server asks a user

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