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eIDAS Signature Solutions by Methics

As a non-venture capital backed product development house, Methics has a unique approach to the business of technology creation. Methics has delivered solutions across EMEA and APAC regions to MNOs, Governments, Application/Service providers and Trust Service Providers (QTSPs/TSPs/CAs). Our solutions utilize Kiuru Mobile Signature Service Provider (MSSP) Platform, is a complete platform for providing a cost-efficient, managed digital identification and signature service for customers.

We offer solutions for:

  1. eIDAS compliant Signature Solutions:
  2. Mobile ID and Digital ID
  3. Mobile Signature Services (Strong Authentication & Mobile Signatures)
  4. Tools for Document Signing Service

Methics products & solutions supports an ecosystem of mobile identities that enables and supports Qualified Electronic Signatures, Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) and creating and validation of many other signature formats. It also offers a standard interface to connect applications and online portals of all kinds to the Mobile ID service. Take a look at our Product Portfolio and Solutions page. If you are interested and want to discuss more on solution, free of charge PoC and deployment we will be happy to talk to you. Get in touch!!