Identity Issuer MSSP is an entity (Mesh Member) that resolves mobile user’s Identifier in a Mobile Signature Request. Typically the identifier is directly resolved to a mobile user’s MSISDN. The Identifier is then removed and only MSISDN is sent further.

Mobile Signature Request:  Identifier → MSISDN

AE stores Identity Issuer details in a ETSI TS 102 207 SOAP special Identity Issuer header block and II MSSP removes the header once it has been processed.

Identity Issuer Benefits

Identity issuer hides mobile user’s MSISDN from Application Providers.  Additionally II MSSP hides user’s Identifier from the other Mesh Members (other that the AE).

Who is the Identity Issuer?

Within a PKI system set-ups, the II MSSP is typically the CA and/or a RA and Common Name (CN) can be used as the Identifier.

Within an IDP (Identity Provider) system set-up, the II MSSP uses unique usernames or e-mail style addresses as Identifiers.

Within a MNO system, mobile operator should use user@realm Identifier. In this case all Acquirers should be able to



Kiuru II MSSP Fact sheet

Kiuru II MSSP Product Factsheet[pdf]