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Methics launches new Applet for remote eIDAS-compliant signatures.

Methics launches a new SIM applet, the Alauda B17 Fortress; a new addition to our growing product portfolio to cater for low-cost standard JavaCard UICC cards.

Remote signing with Alauda B17 is based on PKI and complies fully with standard PKIX specifications. The MSSP generates the PKI key pair and uses a secret key sharing mechanism to split the private key between the MSSP server and the standard JavaCard SIM card in end-user devices.

eIDAS-compliant PKI Signatures are produced by the server-side Kiuru MSSP platform after user consent (Click-OK or PIN entry) on the Alauda B17 applet.

Remote signing with Alauda B17 applet has multiple benefits:

  1. B17 applet works on rudimentary JavaCard UICC cards – no PKI hardware is required on the card.
  2. B17 applet shares the features available on the Alauda P38 WPKI Applet including an identical user interface and multi-language support.
  3. B17 supports Click-OK and PIN user journeys similar to GSMA CPAS8.
  4. B17 provide equal functionality with CPAS8 and high level of security.
  5. Kiuru MSSP platform works w/o an HSM to make the actual signatures.

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