Mobile ID Standard Solution

Mobile ID is a SIM card based secure mobile authentication service. It is based on Wireless PKI and MSSP technologies.

The Mobile ID Standard Solution (MIDS) offers a ready-made, complete and easy-to-deploy solution for Mobile ID. MIDS includes all components required for a real service implementation including a WPKI applet and deployment testers. Extending the Mobile ID service is made easy so that you can deploy high-availability clustering, additional services or even GSMA Mobile Connect on top of MIDS.

MIDS supports strong authentication (LoA4) as well as the “click-ok” authentication (LoA2) user experience as defined in GSMA Mobile Connect.

The main components of the MIDS solution are:

  • MSSP server
    • Offers the Mobile ID service for applications
    • Kiuru MSSP 5.0
  • OTA server
    • Connects the MSSP services to wireless networks
    • Built-in Alauda OTA server
  • WPKI Applet
    • Implements Wireless PKI
    • Alauda P38 Lightning
MIDS environment

MIDS environment

MIDS solution provides you also an Applet Functional Tester (AlaudaTool), which can execute functional acceptance tests. In this way you can test your desired SIM card platforms separately and offline.

For more information, see the MIDS Fact Sheet. A demo page showing authentication with MIDS can be found here.

Methics offers free evaluation of MIDS for mobile operators. Ask for yours now from or our contact form.