Kiuru AE (Acquiring Entity) MSSP is a server that links the Application Provider’s service to the Mobile User’s HomeMSSP. Kiuru AE MSSP offers a unified interface for Application Providers to integrate Mobile Signature Services into their service.

The AE MSSP may reach the HomeMSSP directly or through the Mesh, an interconnected system of MSSP servers. A system that uses a separate Acquiring Entity is able to isolate the public AP interface from the Mesh/HMSSP, which is beneficial for security.

The AE MSSP in a basic MSS system

Kiuru AE MSSP in a basic MSS system

Kiuru AE MSSP provides Application Providers with a SOAP interface that conforms to the ETSI TS 102 204 standard. The same standard is used for communication with HomeMSSPs.

For more details, see Kiuru AE MSSP Product Factsheet[pdf]