Methics provides flexible and scalable Mobile Signature Service (MSS) solutions. The required components for running a Mobile Signature Service are:

A simple MSS solution is presented in the following figure:

A simple MSS system

A simple MSS system

The Mobile User accesses a service which requires strong authentication. This level of authentication can be accomplished via MSS, so the Application Provider sends a signature request to an MSSP. The MSSP delivers the request to the Mobile User’s phone, and the User authenticates themselves with their MobileID using a WPKI Client Applet. The signed request is sent back to the Application Provider through the same channels.

Our major product line-ups provide You with the MSSP in the form of Kiuru MSSP and the WPKI Client Applet in the form of Alauda M2 Applet. Alauda M2 is currently the only WPKI Client Applet on the market whose source code is available for licensing.

At our MSS solutions’ core are the following products:

We also provide additional products and services to suit Your needs: