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Methics Software Updates for 2022

Methics has a plan of updating their current customer deployments with latest version. Release Notification and Product Upgrade plan will be shared separately with each customer.

Kiuru MSSP v 6.0

Kiuru MSSP 6.0 will have all features which are present in Kiuru MSSP 5.0. In addition to all features from Kiuru MSSP 5.0, there will be new features in Kiuru MSSP 6.0 increasing the range of supported protocols, enhancing support of existing features and supporting more up to date libraries.

New Features upgraded in Kiuru MSSP 6.0:

  1. Enhanced and Improved MSSP performance: Increase of around 20% additional transactions (txn/sec)
  2. Kiuru WebManager 2.0 for managing user provisioning, user certificates and OTA logs
  3. Kiuru RSSP support for desktop signing with CSC (Cloud Signature Consortium) protocol
  4. Batch Signing(multi-document) signing through latest Alauda clients
  5. Outgoing email functionality from MSSP to notify about Certificates and MSSP License
  6. Support Qualified Electronic/Digital Signatures (QES) with eIDAS certified Kiuru SAM

Additional Support in Kiuru MSSP 6.0:

  1. Support for Apache Tomcat 9
  2. Support for Apache Log4j2 Cassandra Remote Logging
  3. Support for RFC7540, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 (HTTP/2)
  4. Support for RFC7230, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Message Syntax and Routing
  5. Support for RFC 7231, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Semantics and Content
  6. Support for TLS 1.3
  7. Support for URL rewrite
  8. Support for Servlet 4.0 specification
  9. Support for OpenJDK / Java 8 and later
  10. Support for Bouncy Castle Java Release 1.69

Improvements in Kiuru MSSP 6.0:

  1. Improved AJP control
  2. Improved support for HSM (works with even wider range of HSMs)
  3. Improved log security with Integrity checks
  4. Improved JDBC with high performance concurrency support
  5. Provide 50+ security/performance updates

Prerequisites for Kiuru MSSP 6.0:

  1. Kiuru MSSP 6.0 needs to work on Java 8 and Tomcat 9.
  2. PostreSQL version 12+ / Oracle 19c
  3. OpenJDK version 1.8.0

Alauda PBY v 2.0

Alauda PBY 2.0 will have all features which are present in Alauda PBY 1.0. In addition to all features from previous PBY version, there will be new features which eases implementing Alauda PBY 2.0 SDK with your localized implementation.

New Features upgraded in Alauda PBY 2.0:

  1. In-APP document signing: Allow documents to be signed from inside the application i.e WYSIWYS
  2. Create eIDAS compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) and AdES
  3. Multi-Document (Batch) Signing: Allows user to sign multiple docs with single PIN entry
  4. Allow In-APP User enrollment/registration
  5. Additional Biometric / FaceID keys apart from signing keys as an extra option for enhanced security.
  6. AP SDK: Allows AP to implement PBY Protocol for user authentication

Improvements in Alauda PBY 2.0:

  1. Support for new Android versions
  2. Support for new iOS versions

Alauda P38 v 2.0

Alauda P38 PKI SIM applet has a new upgrade from v1.11 to v2.0.

New Features upgraded in Alauda P38 2.0:

  1. Batch-signing: Allows user to sign multiple docs with single PIN entry
  2. Better interoperability with new SIM card platforms (JC3.1).

End of Support for existing Kiuru and Alauda versions

Kiuru MSSP 5.0End of Support at May 2023Kiuru MSSP 5.0 End of Support is related to End of Life of its major software components like Tomcat, logging, and other similar libraries. All libraries of the Release 6 will be upgraded.
Alauda PBY 1.0End of Support at May 2023Alauda PBY 1.0 End of Support is related to major functional upgrade of the product.
Alauda P38 1.11End of New Deployment at May 2022Alauda P38 v1.X product support continues for S&M customers but no new deployments are made.

If you are interested in our offering and want to know more details or want to schedule a demo, feel free to get in touch!