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The open source MSS library Laverca has been updated for extended support of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES). The new release contains support for the mobile signature service profile query extension usage. Now the AP application can query end user certificates …

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XAdES is an XML Signature extension that allows the use of Advanced Electronic Signatures. Laverca 2.0.1 adds a partial support to XAdES in a form of an example using the Esig DSS library. You can find the latest Laverca release …

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Our open source MSS API Laverca has been on SourceForge since 2011. We decided to move out of SourceForge in the wake of recent events. SourceForge has definitely been going downhill for a while now but this was the last straw …

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Open Source

Methics and others have contributed a few related tools for the MSS services to open source form. This page collects pointers to such.   Java Laverca MSSAPI mobileid-signature-verifier Other FreeRADIUS Mobile ID module Mobile ID Authentication Provider for ADFS  

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Laverca is an open source Java MSSAPI implementation for: Requesting Signatures (synchronous and asynchronous-client-server modes) Requesting Status information on Signature requests Requesting Receipt messages on successful Signature requests The project is mainly aimed at FiCom users but contains examples for …

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