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MNOs – Enablers for Mobile Signature Services

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across the world are central to the adoption and deployment of Mobile Signature Services such as Mobile ID and Mobile Connect. The purpose of this blog is to describe how uniquely placed MNOs are in driving

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Alauda P38 Lightning Applet

Alauda P38 Lightning Applet is a program on the Mobile User’s SIM/UICC card that is at the core of the signature process of Mobile ID. Alauda P38 is currently the only WPKI Client Applet on the market whose source code

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In Layman’s Terms – Alauda Applet Signature Algorithm

Kirmo Hovinmaa, technical writer The Internet has forced us humans to rethink communication on a fundamental level. The convenience of being able to exchange ideas without necessarily seeing each other face to face or even being on the same continent

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Geo-redundancy support for Kiuru MSSPs enables service providers to have secondary service sites to which traffic can be redirected in case of unexpected malfunctions. Mobile Signature Services are expected to maintain a high degree of availability at all times, so

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Kiuru WPKI Simulator

Kiuru WPKI Simulator is used to simulate external systems that the MSSP depends on. The simulator can be used to test a complete MSSP system functionality by simulating OTA and mobile users. The simulator helps with testing the functionality of

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Kiuru RE (Routing Entity) is a server that routes MSSP traffic between different operators’ MSSPs. RE MSSPs unify MSS into a service that an Application Provider can offer regardless of the Mobile User’s operator. If a User’s HomeMSSP is managed

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Kiuru RADIUS server is a connectivity product that enables Application Providers to integrate a traditional username/password authentication system in place of MSISDN authentication. A system that uses RADIUS authentication services is able to require strong two-factor authentication of their Users,

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Kiuru REST

Kiuru REST is a server that helps Application Providers interface with AE MSSPs. The SOAP messaging protocol normally used by AE MSSPs can be complex for Application Providers to use. For that reason, Kiuru REST provides a simplified JSON API

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Kiuru Admin

Kiuru Admin is a product family that provides tools for managing a Kiuru MSSP system. Kiuru Admin CLI (Command Line Interface) provides powerful command line tools that experienced users can use in order to have as few restrictions as possible,

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Kiuru ME (Management Entity) MSSP is a server that centralizes registration and administration interfaces for an MSSP system. ME can be used e.g. by Registration Authorities to register and manage user data in the databases that the AE MSSP and

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