Some people have questioned if the SMS bearer provides a good user experience and if it is based on a long term technology for Mobile ID. In this blog we try to study this issue and what improvements other wireless communication …

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Alauda OTA

Kiuru HomeMSSP comes with the integrated Alauda OTA (Over the Air) server. An OTA server is used to communicate with a SIM/UICC card without being physically connected to the card. Alauda OTA server segments the request received from the Mobile User’s …

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Methics provides flexible and scalable Mobile Signature Service (MSS) solutions. The required components for running a Mobile Signature Service are: a Mobile Signature Service Provider (MSSP) a WPKI Client Applet for SIM/UICC-cards SIM/UICC-cards a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) A …

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