Kiuru REST

Kiuru REST is a server that helps Application Providers interface with AE MSSPs. The SOAP messaging protocol normally used by AE MSSPs can be complex for Application Providers to use. For that reason, Kiuru REST provides a simplified JSON API …

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Kiuru AE (Acquiring Entity) MSSP is a server that links the Application Provider’s service to the Mobile User’s HomeMSSP. Kiuru AE MSSP offers a unified interface for Application Providers to integrate Mobile Signature Services into their service. The AE MSSP …

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Kiuru HomeMSSP

Kiuru HomeMSSP is a server that provides mobile signature service functionality for mobile operators. It is used to establish an open, standard based and secure channel between end users and the AE/Mesh. Kiuru HomeMSSP receives signature requests from the AE/Mesh, …

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The Kiuru GlobalPlatform module extends the capabilities of the Kiuru MSSP with GlobalPlatform service and management communications. Subscriber management and Secure Element life-cycle management of GlobalPlatform Messaging can be smoothly integrated with Mobile Signature Service management. Kiuru GlobalPlatform messaging module …

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