MSSP Platform and System Set-up

The Kiuru server platform is a standard Servlet engine which provides long future for mobile signature applications. The server core includes signature/certificate validator, which can be considered an essential part of the MSSP.

Web service technology allows modern system set-up like service scale-up by Clustering and data replication over unreliable source Geo-redundancy .

Modular Kiuru MSSP and SOAP technology enables large variety of MSSP system set-ups.

Complementary Technologies

ETSI TS 102 204 (requests) and ETSI TS 102 207 (roaming) defines the basis for mobile signature services. In addition to these standards Kiuru MSSP provides you:

MSS_Registration extension
MSSP Metadata
XML metadata for trust management in Mesh
SAML2 Assertions
SAML2 based MSS AdditionalServices
Kiuru AMS Server
Communication service in between Home MSSP and the Alauda
The Kiuru MSSAPI is Java client library calling MSS services