Kiuru MSSAPI is a Java integration tool for calling MSS, SAML2, SPML2 and DSS services at Kiuru MSSP systems.

This tool library uses MSSP Metadata to find MSS etc. service URLs, and to check that server’s SSL certificate is expected one (effective countermeasure against man-in-the-middle SSL attacks.)  The tool library also supports client certificate (from a named Java keystore file) delivery on the connection including automatic client certificate roll-over when previous key is expiring (no need to restart the service where this library is used just because a new key was added into the keystore.)

The tool library supplies also a large set of support functions to create requests and parse replies in Java code avoiding the need to process e.g. DOM form of XML data in your application.


See also Kiuru REST API server, which provides simpler API for basic MSS application functions.