Kiuru Server

Kiuru server platform is an application server environment based on open software platforms. Methics uses Kiuru server for various Web and SOAP service products. The server consists of our proprietary code base, packaging and conventions.

The Kiuru server contains tools to integrate with some of the most popular commercial and open source tools. Supported tools include marshalling, unmarshalling, TLS communication, configuration, database access, monitoring, logging and job scheduling tools.

The server helps us to build production level applications. The Kiuru server contains also tools for maintaining server configuration, security and deployments like clustering, geo-redundancy, and libraries to integrate with commercial products.

Configuration is Kiuru server platform’s key feature. Kiuru server integrates configurations of various independent tools under one configuration and makes them to work together. All the application development tools are based on open source software and therefore every dependency can be controlled. This makes it easy for an application developer to integrate new development tools and environments. Kiuru server does not contain any development framework like JBOSS, Spring or Seam which makes it possible for you to develop applications under the Servlet 3.0 engine and migrate components even under a rich framework of your preference.

The customer based service requires the following capabilities:

  1. Kiuru server software including the Software dependencies, dynamic module loading, configuration loader and annotation control.
  2. Kiuru server packaging, installation, configuration, network and backup tools.
  3. Service Application and its deployment tools.
  4. Service Environment and integration with the Service Application.

Kiuru server is based on the latest Java 8 technology. Kiuru server runs in a Servlet 3.0 engine and under the Java Security Manager. When the server is started, Kiuru loads the server core and modules and deploys the service. In this way the server software can take any MSSP role (or multiple roles), can extend various MSS protocols or start management tools, deploy application firewalls, allocate connectivity pools etc.

Kiuru server contains all software required for establishing secure communication and messaging for the MSSP. It includes certificate management tools, SSL/TLS communication with load balancers and switches, XML Signatures and ETSI CAdES, certificate path validation tools, auditing/monitoring tools as well as SOAP 1.2 communication stack and message handlers.