Four-corner Business Model

There are four primary business actors in the Mesh:

  • Mobile user,
  • Application Provider (AP), an organization offering on-line services. Typically one AP has multiple applications,
  • Acquiring Entity, that connects AP’s applications through contractual agreements,
  • Home MSSP, a Mobile Network Operator that provides connections to mobile users.

These actors form a logical Four-corner system which is called as the Four-corner Business Model.


Figure below describes the relationships between the different actors in a real world environment. The dotted red path describes the interactions between actors during one transaction [T2R].



Other Four-corner models

The Four-corner model is a well-known and common consept of making interconnections.

Credit card and Payment systems consist of Merchant, Payer, Acquiring Bank (Merchant’s bank) and Issuer Bank (Payer’s home bank).

Telephone systems consist of Call receiver (Receiver, a person who receives a call), Call originator (Caller, a person who starts a call), Receiver’s telecom company and Caller’s telecom company.

Interconnection between Home Entity and Acquiring Entity is called in telephone network as truck lines, in banking network as a payment clearing network and in mobile signature services as a Mesh.