MReg Service management

Kiuru MSSP 4.0 introduced a new technology for mobile user registration and provisioning operations in the Kiuru MSSP server. MSS Registration Extension v1.0 (MReg) is an XML schema designed as an interoperable extension to ETSI TS 102 204 MSS_RegistrationReq and MSS_RegistrationResp messages, and it includes all the basic functions required to run a Registration Authority (RA).

The MReg leverages the ETSI TS 102 207 roaming mesh to connect a Registration Authority with remote resources (MReg roaming). In the registration domain, a Registration Authority generally needs access to the registering subjects’ keys (on the SIM card). Instead of directly accessing the remote resources, the Registration Authority uses MReg messaging in the MSS network.

MReg Fact Sheet