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Methics join Eurosmart

Methics join Eurosmart

As a non-venture capital backed product development house, Methics has a unique approach to the business of technology creation. Methics technology is based on open-standards. Methics has supplied its award-winning platform as a solution for critical business applications and several national identity management systems for mobile devices, SIM cards, eSIM devices as well as smartphone apps. Methics’ technology offers complete and flexible implementation of ‘high’ and ‘substantial’ LoA PKI solutions.

Methics Oy has collaborated with like minded organizations in striving to deliver highly secure and user friendly solutions. Methics has been appreciative of Eurosmart work in promoting secure solutions across Europe.

“We are thrilled to join Eurosmart and collaborate with the association’s members to promote the highest levels of security and privacy in the digital world. Our expertise and solutions in digital identity management align with Eurosmart’s mission, and we are committed to contributing to the association’s efforts to advance digital security across Europe”

Jarmo Miettinen – CEO Methics

Methics application to join Eurosmart was unanimously accepted by the board members.

PR statement by Eurosmart states:

‘Eurosmart, the voice of the digital security industry is pleased to announce that it welcomes Methics as a new member. Methics is a provider of solutions for national identity management and critical business applications in sectors such as retail banking and telecom. Methics also orchestrates services like Mobile ID, eIDAS QTSP, strong customer authentication, and high LoA digital signatures.

Eurosmart is closely following the adoption of the new EU digital identity framework, which aims to provide a secure and trusted environment for digital identities’ interactions. Methics’ expertise and solutions in the field of digital identity management will be valuable contributions to Eurosmart’s efforts to increase the level of security in the digital world.

We are delighted to welcome Methics as a member of Eurosmart. Their extensive experience will be a valuable contribution to the technical and advocacy work of our association. We look forward to collaborating with Methics and leveraging their know-how to advance our shared mission of ensuring the security and privacy of digital identities and transactions.”

John Boggie, President of Eurosmart

With the addition of Methics to its membership, Eurosmart continues to expand its reach and influence as the leading advocate for digital security in Europe.’

Methics will join Eurosmart as a SME member. Following Methics members will be part of committees.

Methics membersEurosmart committee
Jarmo MiettinenITSC and ISCI
Ammar BukhariCDI Committee
Mattti ArnioM&T Committee
Methics members in different Eurosmart committees

If you are interested in Methics offering, want to know more details or want to schedule a demo, feel free to get in touch!

Publish Date: 17th April 2023