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Methics Software Updates for 2023

In year 2022, Methics has updated many of their current customer deployments with latest Kiuru release 6. Release Notification and Product Upgrade plan was shared separately with each customer.

Extended Support for existing Kiuru and Alauda versions

In Methics Software Updates for 2022, it was announced tha Kiuru MSSP 5 and Alauda PBY 1.0 support will end in May 2023. It has been extended till May 2024.

Kiuru MSSP 5.0End of Support at May 2024Kiuru MSSP 5.0 End of Support is related to End of Life of its major software components like Tomcat, logging, and other similar libraries. All libraries of the Release 6 will be upgraded.
Alauda PBY 1.0End of Support at May 2024Alauda PBY 1.0 End of Support is related to major functional upgrade of the product.
Extended Support for older versions

Kiuru 6

Kiuru 6 will have all features which are present in Kiuru MSSP 5.0. In addition to all features from Kiuru MSSP 5.0, there will be new features in Kiuru MSSP 6.0 increasing the range of supported protocols, enhancing support of existing features and supporting more up to date libraries.

New Features upgraded in Kiuru 6:

  1. Additional features in Kiuru WebManager for managing RA, user provisioning, user certificate, detailed logs and analytics.
  2. Support for CSC (Cloud Signature Consortium) API

As a non-venture capital backed product development house, Methics has a unique approach to the business of technology creation. Our technology is based on open-standards. Methics has supplied its award-winning Kiuru MSSP platform as a solution for critical business applications and several national identity management systems for mobile devices, SIM cards, eSIM devices as well as smartphone apps. The platform orchestrates services like Mobile ID, eIDAS QTSP, strong authentication, and high LOA digital signatures. Methics’ products offered under ‘Kiuru’, and ‘Alauda’ products provide multiple digital identities and certificates, support remote and local key stores, and smartphone app keystores. Methics’ technology offers complete and flexible implementation of ‘high’ and ‘substantial’ LoA PKI solutions. If you are interested in our offering and want to know more details or want to schedule a demo, feel free to get in touch!!