Sicap and Methics partner for new open-standards Mobile Signature services

Methics, digital business specialists, and Sicap, mobile solutions pioneer, have together closed a deal with Swisscom to deliver Mobile Ink ( a mobile ID solution designed on open standards. unites high security and user-friendly access to digital services which require strong authentication and authorisation. It will shortly open up the possibility for millions of subscribers to benefit from mobile signature access to m-banking or corporate applications for example.

Methics and Sicap rapidly gained the confidence of their first customer thanks to the track records of both partners in their respective domains and the principles of interoperability, security and ease of use that they adhere to.

The solution relies on a standalone, vendor independent SIM Client, which allows interoperability with all Service Provider platforms. For operators looking to launch their first mobile signature services, this is an important consideration, since the market for applications is growing quickly and only an open standards solution will ensure that innovative, global-reach signature services are readily available for activation by their subscribers.

The SIM Client is deployed in a supplementary security domain assigned to mobile ID, enhancing the security of the system. is powered by a modular and flexible engine, with easy integration of third party services into the system. It also features the industry’s best mobile ID testing tools, essential to support deployment and confirm the viability of new mobile signature applications prior to launch. Sicap and Methics have also paid particular attention to the user experience. To avoid subscribers having to search for functions in a menu, all interaction is network triggered.

Jarmo Miettinen, CEO of Methics Inc said that “Mobile authentication is a strategic area for operators to invest in, and they are clearly looking for mature products they can trust. Now sicap and Methics can provide a one-stop-shop for an operator seeking to run a mobile signature business.

“Mobile signature services are a natural evolution to the sicap offer, which spans the value chain, from Device and SIM management, to billing, loyalty and micro-payment processing.” Our partnership with Industry expert Methics opens the door to extended use of mobile devices for authentication purposes and new revenue streams for operators”, concluded Thomas Vontz, Chief Financial Officer at sicap.

About Methics:

Methics Ltd is a Finnish company specialized in subscriber management and data communication infrastructure development for security, service management and business intelligence. The company offers Java technology based software products under Kiuru-trademark. Kiuru products provide open standard based services for service provisioning and mobile signature services.

About Sicap

Sicap is one of the world’s leading providers of customised mobile software solutions in the areas of communications and charging. Everyday sicap’s technology empowers mobile operators to deliver a superior subscriber experience, while maximising new revenue streams and reducing operating costs.

About Swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider. Swisscom has a presence throughout Switzerland and offers a full range of products and services for mobile, landline and IP-based voice and data communication.