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Methics registers “mss” URI Scheme

IANA today registered provisional URI scheme “mss” published by Methics. The “mss” scheme defines the URI for SignatureProfiles used for requesting mobile signature services from the MSSP Platform. You can find the scheme from: https://www.iana.org/assignments/uri-schemes/prov/mss Signature Profile in Mobile Signature

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MSS Roaming

In Mobile Signature Service (MSS), messages are routed between Mobile Signature Service Providers (MSSPs). Interconnected MSSPs are called a Mesh. The point of interconnecting MSSPs is that Application Providers (APs) can reach any Mobile User that’s connected to any of the

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OpenID Connect Authentication using MSS

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is a popular authentication layer. An OIDC client trusts OIDC servers to do user authentication in its behalf. OIDC servers can authenticate users, for example, with the following methods: username/password credentials, dongles, biometrics. In username/password method the OIDC server asks a user

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SIM Card Applet Simulation

UICC card, called more familiarly a SIM card, contains a set of applications. These applications are managed by a mobile network operator and are installed during card manufacturing. The main benefits of UICC applets compared to phone apps are their security (phone

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