Methics deliver new Cassandra based logging solution for Clustered MSSP environments.

The Kiuru Cassandra Logging solution offer distributed, scalable, robust and fault-tolerant logging in clustered MSSP environments. Logging to a Cassandra database rather than to local MSSP server files provides up to 20 to 40%  performance boost in a clustered MSSP

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Mobile ID using Faster Bearers

Some people have questioned if the SMS bearer provides a good user experience and if it is based on a long term technology for Mobile ID. In this blog we try to study this issue and what improvements other wireless communication

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Methics provides flexible and scalable Mobile Signature Service (MSS) solutions. The required components for running a Mobile Signature Service are: a Mobile Signature Service Provider (MSSP) a WPKI Client Applet for SIM/UICC-cards SIM/UICC-cards a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) A

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MSSP Performance Testing (2/2)

This blog post is follow up for our MSSP Performance Testing post earlier this year.  Test Results – First Round The first tests we run were focused on the number of CPU cores. Does limiting the core count reduce performance

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MSSP Performance Testing (1/2)

We recently bought a new Proliant server for running performance tests and now we can dedicate one server for testing only. The problem was defining and setting up an optimal test environment on said server. Our requirements for the test

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Article about the Finnish MSS by Dr. Esa Kerttula

This summer Dr. Esa Kerttula published an article about the Finnish MSS called “A novel federated strong mobile signature service—The Finnish case“. Esa has studied Finnish national solution for using strong authentication for public services. In his article, Esa “describes the legal

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Agile Geo-redundancy for MSSP

In a modern city environment there are many dangers that can unexpectedly break service availability. Commonly it is an excavator breaking a critical cable, or critical equipment failing in the server room. We need technology to defend our services from

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Application Provider Explained

Application Provider (AP) is a broad term so I’ll start with a simple example. In the example I have a web site where I will authenticate users during login. The most common way to authenticate users would be using usernames/password credentials. In this system I would store

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Monitoring an MSSP System

An MSSP system includes MSSP servers and databases and connections to external components (such as OTA servers). Administrators need to see what’s going on in the system. Monitoring is used to view system state and state history: Component states (on/off). System performance. Anomalies in the system.

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