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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – MobileConnect

Methics introduces MobileConnect services for Kiuru MSSP. Kiuru MSSP integrates with Morpho’s SIMPERIA OTA server and SIMply Me cards. Methics has been working with Morpho to produce a interoperable solution for mobile operators. MobileConnect provides a secure and convenient mobile

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – Multitenant Support

Kiuru MSSP multitenant feature enables MSSP Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. Centrally hosted MSS service provides new business models for mobile operators. See product fact sheet for more details.

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – HMAC Based Wireless Authenticators

Kiuru MSSP 5.0 introduces symmetric key HMAC based wireless authenticator support. This enables mobile user authentication with symmetric key authentication mechanisms. Kiuru MSSP supports standard keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) based symmetric key authentication (Triple-DES or AES) including challenge-response authentication

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – GlobalPlatform module

The Kiuru GlobalPlatform module extends the capabilities of the Kiuru MSSP with GlobalPlatform service and management communications. Subscriber management and Secure Element life-cycle management of GlobalPlatform Messaging can be smoothly integrated with Mobile Signature Service management. Kiuru GlobalPlatform messaging module

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Swisscom Mobile ID Launched

Swisscom Mobile ID launched, read the GSMA report, February 19th, 2014 Swisscom has launched Mobile ID, a wireless PKI mobile authentication and signature solution for corporates and consumers. Customer acceptance is impressive with more than 25.000 users within a few

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Kiuru 5 Released

Methics releases version 5.0 of the Kiuru™ product family. The key new features of Kiuru™ 5.0 products are: Java 7 platform with Java Security Policy Servlet 3.0 platform Multiple Kiuru™ products can be deployed into the same server instance. Third

New Website

Methics has updated its company website onto a new platform, and brought the available product information into a new era. Check the archive of older news.