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Methics at the 6th NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition

The 6th NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition will take place in Frankfurt (Germany) from 12th to 13th October 2016. Key focus will be on operator and industry requirements on 5G, initial 5G technology solutions and related test results, on 5G

New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – MobileConnect

Methics introduces MobileConnect services for Kiuru MSSP. Kiuru MSSP integrates with Morpho’s SIMPERIA OTA server and SIMply Me cards. Methics has been working with Morpho to produce a interoperable solution for mobile operators. MobileConnect provides a secure and convenient mobile

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – Multitenant Support

Kiuru MSSP multitenant feature enables MSSP Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. Centrally hosted MSS service provides new business models for mobile operators. See product fact sheet for more details.

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – HMAC Based Wireless Authenticators

Kiuru MSSP 5.0 introduces symmetric key HMAC based wireless authenticator support. This enables mobile user authentication with symmetric key authentication mechanisms. Kiuru MSSP supports standard keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) based symmetric key authentication (Triple-DES or AES) including challenge-response authentication

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – GlobalPlatform module

The Kiuru GlobalPlatform module extends the capabilities of the Kiuru MSSP with GlobalPlatform service and management communications. Subscriber management and Secure Element life-cycle management of GlobalPlatform Messaging can be smoothly integrated with Mobile Signature Service management. Kiuru GlobalPlatform messaging module

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Swisscom Mobile ID Launched

Swisscom Mobile ID launched, read the GSMA report, February 19th, 2014 Swisscom has launched Mobile ID, a wireless PKI mobile authentication and signature solution for corporates and consumers. Customer acceptance is impressive with more than 25.000 users within a few

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Kiuru 5 Released

Methics releases version 5.0 of the Kiuru™ product family. The key new features of Kiuru™ 5.0 products are: Java 7 platform with Java Security Policy Servlet 3.0 platform Multiple Kiuru™ products can be deployed into the same server instance. Third

New Website

Methics has updated its company website onto a new platform, and brought the available product information into a new era. Check the archive of older news.