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MSSP Performance Testing (1/2)

We recently bought a new Proliant server for running performance tests and now we can dedicate one server for testing only. The problem was defining and setting up an optimal test environment on said server. Our requirements for the test

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – HMAC Based Wireless Authenticators

Kiuru MSSP 5.0 introduces symmetric key HMAC based wireless authenticator support. This enables mobile user authentication with symmetric key authentication mechanisms. Kiuru MSSP supports standard keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) based symmetric key authentication (Triple-DES or AES) including challenge-response authentication

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New in Kiuru MSSP 5.0 – GlobalPlatform module

The Kiuru GlobalPlatform module extends the capabilities of the Kiuru MSSP with GlobalPlatform service and management communications. Subscriber management and Secure Element life-cycle management of GlobalPlatform Messaging can be smoothly integrated with Mobile Signature Service management. Kiuru GlobalPlatform messaging module

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Wireless PKI

Wireless PKI (WPKI) is a concept of utilizing PKI on mobile devices. In a WPKI system, the mobile device has a secure element (e.g. SIM card) that holds the private key. The public key is is stored in a certificate

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Kiuru MSSP provides methods for customer acquisition in a secure and easy manner, paving the road to strong customer relationships. An overview of Methics’s MSS solution can be found here. Methics’s core products are the following: Kiuru HomeMSSP Kiuru AE

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